Mrs Jane Spindler

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Hello, I’m Jane Spindler, I’m fifty six, but I feel forty five. I’d never heard of Hamgate until Charles started living there. I was at university (Oxford) with his father. I now live in Kensington. My daughter, Sophie, is a teacher in Sydney, Australia. I waited until she’d grown up before I divorced from my husband. I’m much happier now, but life is quiet. When I’m not gardening, or sitting as a JP, I’m working.  I run a successful business, but I love it when I have an opportunity to help a young person to follow their dream. 

Most likely to say: “Well done.” 

Get on with: Colleagues and friends from university 

Don’t get on with: I’m a private person who tries to get on with most people 

Highs and Lows:

High: Winning a holiday for two to Nantucket in the USA 

Low: Having no-one to go with 


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