Episode 3

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It’s Shakai’s wake. Sarah prepares to sing but she’s still cross with Josh and Lucy. Josh asks Sarah to move on – for Shakai’s sake. Josh explains to Sarah that he was drunk, and they kissed, but nothing else happened between him and Lucy. Sarah accepts this and lets Lucy help her with her make up. 

Kingston and Sam are at the bar. Sam hints to Kingston that Conan was behind Shakai’s killing. At the other end of the bar, Penknife chats up Lucy, awkwardly, and asks her out. Lucy’s more interested in Sam and moves away from Penknife.  

On the street, Penknife and Josh recognise each other and talk. They realise  they might be able to help each other get what they want: Penknife agrees to write Josh a business plan, while Josh says he’ll give Penknife tips on how to make Lucy like him.  

Conan joins Josh on the street. He talks to Josh about how you can’t trust anyone but yourself. Conan wants him back in the game but Josh continues to resist his old friend – he wants to stay focused. They go inside to hear Sarah sing her tribute song to Shakai. 

Kingston comes onto Sarah after her song, but she rejects him again and goes to find Josh. Outside, Josh tells Sarah that she’s the only one he’s ever wanted, and how the thought of her kept him going when he was in prison. Sarah and Josh make up.

Meanwhile at the bar, Kingston confronts Conan about Shakai’s death. Conan realises he’s been rumbled.

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