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Yo, my name’s Josh. I’m nineteen and Sagittarius. I was born and raised in Hamgate. Sarah thinks I’m really stubborn but I just like to stick to what’s right. You know, do my own thing, not what I’m told to do, what I’m supposed to do. 

My dad cut when I was a youth. Dunno whether he’s dead or alive but to be honest I really don’t care. Mum did her best with me. I don’t blame her for the way shit turned out. I’m surprised she can even look at me after everything I’ve put her through. 

I got no blood siblings that I know of, but me and Shak’s been rolling together since we was in our diapers, so I guess he’s my only brother. 

Shit’s a bit mad for me at the moment boy, I’m riding twenty three bang up; I got into too many fights. I’ve spent most of my sentence on basic, but I’ve managed to dream up a business plan – I think it was all that time in the block. I can’t do this again. How many times am I going to drop on the same hurdle? I know I’ve learned my lesson this time. I’m just about to touch road, but already it feels like me against the world and all I want is to live a legit comfortable life with my girl, Sarah. She’s my backbone. 

Get on with: Shakai, Conan, Sarah, Lucy…basically I’m an easygoing guy. 

Don’t get on with: Kingston

Most likely to say: “Jump on my ‘ped”

Highs and Lows: 

High: Meeting Sarah and thinking up a legit business idea that could really work

Low: Going to jail for the second time

Likes and Dislikes: 

Like:  PlayStation 3 – I like Pro Evo. 

Dislike: Sore losers and prison food


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