Bank Manager

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I’m William Long, Hamgate’s longest standing bank manager. We, my wife Jennifer and I live in Croydon, the leafy bit. I commute to Hamgate daily, which gives me plenty of time to read the Telegraph. I was asked to come to Hamgate to ‘turn around’ our local branch. We’re now one of the busiest branches in Greater London. My approach has always been: you get out what you put in, always will be.  Ten more years until retirement, then Jennifer can enjoy the dream we’ve been saving up for: a cruise across the Atlantic to New York. 

Get on with: Jennifer, she understands me.  

Don’t get on with: my mother-in-law. She’s ninety and still thinks I’m not good enough for her daughter. 

Most likely to say: “You seem to be missing the point” 

Highs and Lows:

High: Becoming Captain of my local Golf Club  

Low:  Being asked to manage the Hamgate branch when I seemed to be doing so well at our central London branch.


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