Episode 4

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Josh and Sarah wake up together in Sarah’s flat. Josh feels he’s home at last.  He receives a text from Penknife about pitching his motorbike cab idea to one of Penknife’s contacts.  

In Kingston’s Studio, Penknife’s busy researching ideas for Josh’s business and refuses to make tea for Kingston. Lucy supports Penknife. Kingston is angry and throws Penknife and Lucy out of his studio. 

Josh is nervous about pitching his business idea to a stranger.  Penknife takes him to meet Mrs Spindler, a business contact and friend of his father.  Conan rings Josh during the meeting, but apart from that it goes well. Penknife has changed Josh’s business idea to use mopeds rather than motorbikes. 

Josh drops in on Sarah at the Gate. She’s dressed up to go to Sam’s ‘open audition’ and wants Josh to come with her, but Conan keeps ringing him. Sarah warns Josh that if he slips back into the game and ends up back in jail, she won’t wait for him. 

On the street, Conan tells Josh Kingston killed Shakai and that they must take revenge. Josh is confused about what to do. Conan persuades him to go after Kingston. 

Lucy and Sarah arrive at Sam’s place.  Sarah realises that there’s no booth and they’ve been set-up. She threatens to leave. Sam’s friend, Darren recognises Sarah, and he lets slip that it was Conan who killed Shakai. Lucy and Sarah are shocked. Sarah runs out to find Josh, leaving Lucy to cope with Sam and Darren.

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