Episode 1

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Josh calls his friend Conan from Jail, but no-one answers. He wants to tell Conan that he’s coming out tomorrow but he can’t get hold of Shakai, his best friend. Josh wants to tell him about a legit business idea he’s thought up in prison. Back in Hamgate Conan is in the park with Shakai – he stabs him.  

Josh comes home. Freedom! He’s determined not to go back to prison. He goes to his mum’s flat on the Hamgate estate where she breaks the news that Shakai is dead, and that she doesn’t want Josh to stay with her – she’s had enough of his criminal ways. Josh tried to convince her he’s changed, but she won’t listen. Angry and upset, Josh goes to find Conan at Hamgate hostel. 

Josh hears from Conan how the money they saved for him has been taken, and that Kingston’s running the hood. Also that Sarah, Josh’s girlfriend, is seeing Kingston. Josh can’t believe it. Conan puts pressure on him to come back into the game, but Josh resists and goes to find Sarah. 

Sarah enthuses to Josh about her new singing career and shows him her new flat. He explains his business idea – a motorcycle cab company. Josh assumes he can move in, but Sarah needs time to think. She can’t believe him when he says he’s changed. Josh needs a drink. 

Lucy, Sarah’s best friend is on her way to work at The Gate bar. She’s chatted up by a stranger, Sam, from Fleets. He invites her to what he calls an ‘open audition’ at his place. Lucy suggests she brings her friend, Sarah who’s a singer.

At the Gate, Josh gets drunk. He catches up with Lucy until last orders. 

Lucy suggests he comes back to her place to help her wind down, which he does. 

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