Episode 2

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Sarah goes to collect something from Lucy’s flat where she finds Josh in his boxer shorts. She accuses him of sleeping with Lucy – her best friend.  Josh tries to explain that nothing happened but Sarah won’t listen and she storms out. 

Josh feels misunderstood, but he’s determined to stay focused for his meeting with the local bank manager, but it doesn’t go so well – he feels rejected. If his idea is to go anywhere, the bank manager wants him to come back with a detailed business plan. 

On their shift at the Gate, Lucy encourages Sarah to come with her to Sam’s ‘open audition’. But Sarah’s more concerned about Lucy ‘sleeping with’ Josh. Lucy tries to explain that Josh just needed somewhere to rest, and that nothing happened but Sarah is still furious.  

On the Strip Conan encourages Josh to fall back into crime. Conan spots Penknife, Kingston’s new worker, and robs him. Josh steps in to save Penknife before Conan hurts him. Conan grabs £500 and persuades Josh to take half, plus a phone with a banging line.  Josh refuses the phone; he doesn’t want to get back into the game. He knows he needs to save his money and get Sarah back. 

In Kingston’s studio Sarah is rehearsing. Penknife tells Kingston how he was robbed and that he’s lost the money.  Lucy arrives to see Sarah and bumps into Penknife. She tries to persuade Sarah to work late shifts at the Gate with her, but Sarah wants to focus on her singing and she’s still angry with Lucy. Sarah suggests Lucy flirt with Penknife because he’s rich.  Kingston makes a move on Sarah but she rejects him. He drives her home and gives her an ultimatum: ‘it’s your music or your man’.  

Sarah finds Josh waiting outside her flat. He asks her if she’s sleeping with Kingston. She confesses she did sleep with him once. Josh can’t believe this – when she’s judging him on one night. He sleeps on a night bus.

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