Episode 5

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Sarah’s desperate to find Josh. She goes to Conan’s hostel, but he’s not there. Meanwhile, Josh and Conan are now all set to go to Kingston’s studio with a loaded gun, but Conan’s car won’t start. 

Lucy takes refuge in Penknife’s room at his B and B after escaping from Sam’s place. She confides in Penknife that her mother sleeps around and how she doesn’t want to end up like her. He shows her a picture of his house in Oxford; she’s impressed. Penknife’s room is covered in paperwork for Josh’s business idea. Penknife is at last getting somewhere with Lucy, when there’s a knock at the door; it’s Sarah. Penknife offers her a life on his moped to find Josh quicker. 

Still in the broken down car, Josh and Conan argue. Eventually, they manage to get the it started. On the way to Kingston’s studio Josh receives a call from Mrs Spindler who wants him to come in for a meeting. Josh tells her he’s busy but he’s conflicted.  He grapples with his conscience but his anger gets the better of him and he commits to avenging Shakai’s murder. 

Sarah and Penknife visit Josh’s mum who hasn’t seen Josh. She says she’s calling the police. 

Conan and Josh arrive at Kingston’s studio. Conan keeps look out while Josh holds a gun to Kingston who tells Josh to look closer to home. Josh goes into a crazy daydream where he’s with Shakai who questions Conan’s motives. Sarah and Penknife are ringing Josh but he doesn’t pick up. He snaps out of his daydream, calls Conan up to the studio, and turns the gun on him. Sarah and Penknife burst in as the gun goes off.

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