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What’s good? I’m Kingston. I’m twenty six and Capricorn. I ain’t gonna lie, I done a lot of dirt in my time, but I guess if I didn’t do what I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now, so you can see why I don’t regret shit. 

I got two half brothers but that’s all I know. Dunno where they are or where they’re from, plus I’m sure there’s more; my dad’s generous with his sperm. 

I got a couple of secrets that I’m taking to my grave: one, I tried crack. The second one I can’t tell you. I guess it’s all about the paper chase. 

I’m happy my Dad’s gone. For years I was his personal punch bag. But to be honest it made me a lot stronger. I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. In short, Hamgate is my empire. 

Get on with:  Female vocalists – I’ve got a soft spot for singers, my workers, and sometimes Penknife when he’s not driving me nuts.  

Doesn’t get on with: Those little hood rats Josh, and Conan.

Most likely to say: “Get your money up”

Highs and Lows:

High: Opening my studio

Low: Being broke

Likes and Dislikes: 

Like:  Flirting with my talent, and I love my Chi Wawa.

Dislike: Time wasters, liars and football – I don’t understand men running around in shorts and kicking a ball. I just don’t get it. 



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