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Hiya, my name’s Lucy. I’m twenty two, a Gemini from Hamgate. I’m the original ‘Hamgate girl’. My friends think I’m a WAGabe, that means a WAG to be if you don’t already know. It’s my destiny. 

Sarah thinks I’m too wild, she’s my best friend by the way, but I think if you’re not having fun while you’re living, you might as well be dead. Life’s too short to be miserable. 

My Dad passed away when I was ten. Never felt so much pain in my life, like an empty black space inside that just won’t go away. And Mum, can’t stand her, she’s a real slag. When we’re out, I swear she’s saying hello to every guy. I just miss my Dad. 

Get on with: Everyone. Life’s too short for enemies (and they might be rich) 

Don’t get on with: My mum 

Most likely to say: “Come and help me wind down” 

Highs and Lows: 

High: Bumping into Beckham at China Whites, well he looked like Beckham. Meeting Penknife. 

Low:  My dad dying 

Likes and Dislikes: 

Like: Fit footballers, vodka, Austin Martin DB9. 

Dislike: Cheap cars and cheap guys 



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