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Out of the Gate was written by Fahd Abada and Shiezel Wilson, with storylines and extra scenes from the rest of the team: Carl Galloway, Chris Samuels, Chris Syrus, Charmaine Gordon-Foley, Julie Adenuga, Rob Scott and Robert Timon.     

The lyrics were written by the Out of the Gate crew and the music was co-ordinated by Chris Syrus.

In Out of the Gate: 

Josh – Aml Ameen

Conan – Arnold ‘Snakeyman’ Oceng  

Sarah – Jassy Grez 

Lucy – Nadine Wild Palmer 

Kingston – Kevin ‘Blemish’ Ababio 

Penknife –  Lloyd Thomas

Sam – Levi Haughton 

Darren – Chris Samuels 

Shakai – Chris Syrus

Josh’s Mum – Kim Stewart 

Hostel Lady – Shiezel Wilson 

Bank Manager – Murray Shanks 


Mrs Jane Spindler –  Lucy Hannah 


Introductions: Bashy

Music consultant: Aiden Hogarth. 

Sound engineer: Alisdair McGregor

Director: Melanie Harris  

Producer: Lucy Hannah 



Thank you to Skitz Beatz for creating beats for the drama.

Thank you to the following for their beats: 

Blemish Blackstorm

Yan Murawski 


Bounce – production by Show n Prove courtesy of Base N Rebulz Entertainment. 



Sorry U Are by Maniac

Up In Smoke by Sukh Knight taken from the Cheese Loueez EP on True Tiger Recordings

Thanks to Snakeyman for his tracks 


Additional sound effects

Howard Jaques 

James Dunn

Mick Hobbs 


Photography: Barry Amey 

Audio interviews: Mervin Martin 

Youth worker: Carrie Martin 


Web marketing: Julie Adenuga 

Web site illustrations Jelani Dacosta Best

Website design: George Owens 


This pilot series of Out of the Gate was devised and produced by Lucy Hannah