Josh’s Mum

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Hello, I’m 38, Josh’s Mum. I’ve seen Hamgate grow from a small suburb of London into an overcrowded borough. I grew up here, my parent and my grandparents lived on this estate. Me and Shak’s mum grew up on this strip. We both our boys at the same time, and both ended up single. Josh’s Dad left me when I was three months pregnant. He found out I cheated on him while he was away prison.  Josh doesn’t know that, he doesn’t ever need to know. Things are bad enough between me and him. I wish his Dad hadn’t left; I’d like him to see that Josh is his son, but he wouldn’t believe it. Deep down I feel I’ve failed at bringing up Josh.  I don’t know how to handle him. I spent most of his youth at work – I’m the manager at Hamgate bookies. I had no choice. I started there when I was eighteen and worked my way up.  

Most likely to say: “When I was growing up in Hamgate…..” 

Like: My cat, Quincy (I love Quincy) and my goldfish  

Dislike: Violence and today’s youth 

Highs and Lows:

High: Having Josh 

Low: Josh’s Dad leaving and Josh going to jail for the first time. The second time it was even worse.  


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