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What’s up? My name’s Shakai, most people call me Shak. I’m nineteen and my star sign is Cancer. I’ve always lived in Hamgate, guess it’s all right but I’ve got nothing else really to compare it to. I’ve got a tendency to keep myself to myself. I think mixing with too many people brings you unnecessary problems. I’ve got no blood brothers or sisters, but Josh makes up for that – he’s like my twin. I can’t remember a day when he wasn’t around – except recently when he’s been in jail. I can’t wait for him to hit the roads and get back to how shit was. I don’t feel too safe with just Conan having my back out here. 

I’ve got a room in the hostel, my Mum turfed me when she found out I was shotting. Her and Josh’s mum are always blaming Josh, he’s always taken the blame for me since primary school. To be honest I feel guilty about that, but he always attracts attention because he’s hype. This time though, it sounds like he’s been doing some real thinking. 

Get on with: Josh, Conan, Sarah, Lucy

Don’t get on with: Sam, Darren, Kingston. 

Most likely to say: “Holla me Josh” 

Highs and Lows: 

High: When I won the 100 metre race at Linford Christie stadium 

Low: When Josh went to jail, again 

Likes and Dislikes: 

Like: Athletics 

Dislike: Losing 


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