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Hi I’m Sarah I’m twenty one years old and a Leo, I work at the Gate bar but my dream is to be a professional singer. When I’m performing it’s like I’m in another place, a surprisingly pure one. I moved to Hamgate three years ago. Me and my family had nothing: my Dad lost his job, we were penniless, I think it got all to much for him and he ran off with some guy, I think he was a dentist or something.

Then I met Josh. It was mad, he’s younger than me and a bad boy but he completely swept me off my feet. It wasn’t surprising he went to jail. I was so upset. I couldn’t cope so I just left my mum’s house and got a job at the Gate. I just threw myself into singing and music. It was the only thing that kept me going. But right now I feel strong and focused.

Get on with: Lucy, my best friend, Josh, of course, Shakai & Kingston, whatever people say about him, he’s been helping me with my music.  

Don’t get on with: I’ve never really liked Conan much

Most likely to say: “I’m not sure Luce”

Highs and Lows:

High: The first time I went in the studio

Low: When josh went to prison

Likes and Dislikes: 

Likes: cooking curry for Josh – I think I do the best butter chicken in the world. 

Dislikes:  noise from the flat below – a retired policeman called Jim who watches television at full volume. 



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